5 Reasons you should be hosting with SiteGround in 2020

by | Jun 6, 2020

It’s 2020, we’re all stuck inside, businesses may be temporarily closed and you’re sitting there with lot’s of time to spare. Well I’ve got news for you. Now has never been a better time to take your business online and into the webaverse. And the first step is to choose your Web host provider, but who should you choose and why? Well let me make it easy for you.



Whether you’re hosting for clients, your personal business or just referring a friend, here’s my top 5 reasons why you should choose SiteGround this year to kickstart your online adventure this 2020.


1. Reliability

Realiability is key, in the past I’ve opted for the cheapest hosting I could find, but this was surely a mistake I would live to regret… My websites were slow, often unreachable and  making any changes was an absolute pain!  So a switch had to be made, insert SiteGround. Since migration,  I’ve been hosting my clients with SiteGround for years and so far I’ve had no complaints, not one. 100% Server up time, AMAZINGLY fast website load speeds and of course unmetered traffic. There’s a reason why SiteGround now hows over 1.6 million websites.


2. 5 Star customer service

There is nothing worse than a host provider with terrible customer service that takes hours to get through to, typically doesn’t understand your problem and in the end doesn’t solve your issue. But I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve bothered SiteGround with a request and sure enough their bright, inteligent staff have successfully satisfied every one of my needs. From website set up, complex server questions and general enquiries, the team at site ground get a huge 5 stars.


3. WordPress Ready

If you’ve worked with websites before, you surely would have heared of WordPress. If you’re not, then you should know that WordPress is a platform that powersover 30% of the worlds websites, higher than any other CMS or website builder. And with WordPress buidling a website has never been easier. With SiteGrounds one-click installation, you’ll be hosted and building your website in litte over 10 minutes.


4. Fast and Affordable

Studies show that your website has 3 seconds to make an impact, if your users are kept waitting, or your website is unapealing, that’s it, they click away and you’ve lost a potential customer. SiteGrounds servers provide an average of 400ms response time, ensuring your website performs at it’s best and provides the best user experience. And all from as little as £2.95 per month, less than an average coffee.


5. Free MUST HAVE Features

Now this is the ultimate cherry on top, SiteGround doesn’t just give you web space, you get access to some website essentials that are an absolute MUST in 2020, seriously. Completely free.

A free SSL certificate: What is an SSL certificate? In 2020 you MUST have an SSL certificate, or your users will get a big red flag when visiting your website, not good for traffic. This is a security verification certificate for your website that ensures to customers that your website is safe and secure.

Free CDN: What is a CDN? This simply stands for ‘content delivery network’ and is a fantastic service that essentially stores your website on servers all around the world to increase speed, and studies show users will judge your website in the first 3 seconds of arriving. If it’s doesn’t load in 3 seconds, typically they click away.

Free Business Email: I bet you’ve got a @gmail or @hotmail email account for your business, but haven’t you ever wanted to feel really official with that @yourbusinessname.com email address? Well with SiteGround, that also comes free. What a way to look professional.

Free Daily Website Backups: And if the rest wasn’t good enough already, your website is secure and backed up automatically daily. Never worry again!


Thanks very much for taking the time to read this blog, I hope it has been useful for you and helped you in your search for the worlds BEST, website host provider. Head over to SiteGround and start your journey today.

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